Ciudad de la Furia

Creo que fue en el año 1997 cuando salió el álbum del Último Concierto de Soda Stereo. Para ese entonces tenía un grupo de rock con mis amigos del colegio, que se llamaba Ankurna (traducción de ‘los patos’ en sueco, y ese era el apodo que nos tenían porque siempre apareciamos colados en fiestas) La […]

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3 EN 1

La vida es una secuencia de ciclos, en donde rara vez se sabe cuándo uno empieza y otro termina. Así, es cierto que nunca se sabe cuándo es la última que se ve a alguien. Y no me refiero solo al acto físico de observar. No. Bien puede ser esa última vez que se está […]

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Drink up

As the nail sunk to the ground, the rain broke open and, Lord, here comes the flood. Drink up, dreamers, that you are running dry. You have no hope and no homes, you may as well all run to stand still. Don’t be afraid to cry for what you see, noone will care a damn […]

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YouTube Treasures

I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos, to the point that I don’t own a TV anymore. Often times, after work, I will have dinner accompanied by whatever video the app has selected for me; keeping me company, feeding me sounds and shapes from around the world that somehow seem intimate, personal, as […]

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What is really the end game?

After several days of tediously avoiding spoilers and threatening the members of my whatsapp groups with enthusiastic friends from school and university, I managed to finally see Avengers: End Game. Not once but twice for good measure. I enjoyed the movie and think that it gave a fitting end to a well thought-out saga that […]

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Time. 3:30 at a time.

Time, or better perhaps just the notion of it, has been haunting me lately. Still remember the days when I could let it flow (or was it me moving through it?), and evolve. But not anymore as slowly, but steadily, the actual meaning of entropy has become clear to me by revealing ever more non-reversible […]

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I miss my cat

Not much to say today, except that I miss my cat. A bit random, I know, but perhaps that’s the nature of a blog, what do I know? Maybe this public statement (public as in the 2 people that will read it!) is a way of trying to convince myself that I’m not as bad […]

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I would like to break your heart Help turn that beautiful inside, out Make it the profile of your dreams Diffuminate them with filtered colors Watch them all swirl away And then, then we will see that some things…. Some things can only be ignored for so long With skin wrinkled and wrapped around rough […]

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