This was us.

I once loved a girl with big brown eyes and a broad smile. Beauty flowed all through her.

One night we were driving home by the river, the rain it was beginning again. Clouds of dark would start stripping our love away.

Come the morning and she was gone, thought about calling but I knew we would never feel love again.

The last days didn’t care enough about us, the rain had washed away the sweetness we knew.

But remember, few will run up the hill as we did, and we did make it to the other side, flashing and dancing lights of maelstrom.

And they all dissappeared, only us two kept our eyes open in the sand storm, just so we could see one last smile.

The world is a whirlpool and maybe we were not strong enough to hold on, or maybe it was just time to say goodbye in silence and break in two.