B.C Rich is back!!

In these times of new companies popping up almost every day on Instagram and other social media, with exaggerated claims about luxury, experience, cutting out the middle man, etc. (ex. DW watches), it is refreshing to see a brand with so much history as B.C Rich making a comeback.

B.C. Rich was the high-end guitar of choice for glam-metal bands during the 80’s, producing some memorable shaped guitars in their times. Who can forget Slash wearing his mockingbird? I really hope that they will focus on the high-end spectrum of the market, using newer technology such as the ever-tune bridges, fishman pickups and plecked necks.

Interestingly, they don’t have any financial backing from a big guitar company, deciding instead to go the independent route. Hope this will give them the freedom to produce guitars that match their heritage.

So, here is a big hooray for B.C Rich in their new relaunch and wish them the best of lucks!